”Reconstruction of the water supply main in the area of Wodociągowa St. and the overflow and drainage pipeline from the Kościuszko Reservoir in Cracow."

The scope included:

  • reconstruction of the existing pipeline Ø 750 mm, into a new Ø 800 mm made of cast spheroidal iron L = 448.00 m
  • execution of drilling under Księcia Józefa Street and the development of plots 235/9, 284, section 16, record unit Krowodrza,
  • reconstruction of the overflow and drainage pipeline Ø 300 mm, from the "old Kościuszko Reservoir", on the section between wells St1 ÷St2 , L = 80.00 m,
  • execution of an additional Ø 1000 mm drain line outlet, inlet "of the new Kościuszko Reservoir", to the overflow and drainage pipeline.

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